Meet The Instructors At Our Tahlequah Yoga Studio

The intention of The 108 is to help people improve their health and quality of life through the integration of body, mind, and spirit within a welcoming, supportive community. The practice of yoga, Pilates, and dance can be a transformative tool towards understanding and accepting our physical, mental, and emotional selves, as well as being instrumental in reaching our physical fitness goals. This ultimately creates peace of mind and peace of heart. Let us help you create your best self.

Dena Coleman

I was born in Hunington beach California but have spent most of my time in Oklahoma. I consider myself an open minded Okie:) Ive raised two boys here in the Tahlequah area and am happy to be living here where my ancestors once lived. I love teaching and encouraging others. I am an artist and a musician and enjoy expressing myself through creativity or movement or whatever I feel led to do in each moment. Im a lover of nature and our beautiful waterways and have a passion for preserving and protecting them. I have enjoyed leading yoga classes now for about 7 years and consider myself a forever student of life. I believe we all have alot to learn and share with each other. I am forever reminding myself to stay present in each moment and to breathe it all in. Life is a Joy!!

Lisa Bracken MS, CAS, eRYT500, C-IAYT, TIYT

Lisa currently teaches the all-levels class every Sunday morning and she guides our Restorative Yoga class on the second Sunday evening of each month. She has been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda for the past 15 years and is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist with a private practice in Tulsa. Lisa has a passion for teaching and is an adjunct faculty member of several YTT programs in Oklahoma and Missouri. She teaches in a manner that is both engaging and educational, with a strong emphasis on alignment, safety, and joy. You can learn more about Lisa here:

Mindy Hendrix

Mindy Hendrix is a Tahlequah Native and the owner of the 108 Yoga Studio. Natural Movement has been an integral part of her life since a young age and she has been practicing yoga since the age of 17. Mindy teaches special classes and workshops on Indigo Arts, a sacred set of practices she developed, which combines moving meditation, energy movement similar to Tai Chi, Namaskars and sequential yoga asanas. The practices help support a conscious lifestyle, connect us to the rhythms of Mother Earth and help strengthen energies within the body, resulting in the ability to be balanced, peaceful and present throughout the day and ultimately throughout our lives. A Bo Staff practice is implemented into the Indigo Arts practice. She also enjoys practicing and teaching ecstatic dance as a means to heal and connect to our true nature.

Mindy is a devoted student to her Maha teacher Shiva Rea, a yogini firekeeper, sacred activist and creator of Prana Flow Yoga which draws on the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra and Bhakti. She also reveres and continues to learn from her Tantra teacher Shibana Singh and the many other teachers who cross her path in various forms, including friends and loved ones.

Mindy has her M.ED in Special Education and her Early Childhood Degree. She’s taught in public and private schools for 15 years and has 3 children, Joe, Ben and Elli Rose, who continue to teach and inspire her. Being a mother is Mindy’s most important role. She has a deep and profound respect for all children, admires their ability to live in the present moment and live by their intuitive nature.

Mindy also enjoys spending time in nature, kayaking, running, reading, writing, dancing, art and music. She is grateful for the souls she meets on the path and in this beautiful dance we call life.

Chelsea Greenfield

Chelsea brings a wide range of styles to the yoga studio and believes that each yoga practice should begin with an honest intention. Her main class, Chill Chi, offers a slower, deep meditation practice mixed with relevant yoga poses while maintaining focus on breathing techniques. She also teaches at Tahlequah’s Unitarian Universalist Congregation, a place where she realized her desire to create space in her life for yoga as a therapeutic outlet.

She is dedicated to her practice out of gratitude for opportunities to connect with others on a deeper, more meaningful level. For Chelsea, physical and mental awareness are key elements to the maintenance of energy exchange between herself and the world.

Teri Cochran

Although Teri has a terminal degree and thought she had reached her educational goals for life, life had other plans for her. She attended her first yoga class in 2014, at the invitation of a friend, and soon discovered that the benefits of yoga extend far beyond the mat. An eager convert, excited by this discovery, she became determined to share what she had experienced. She began taking instruction to teach through EveryOne Yoga School in Tulsa and received her RYS 200 certification in March 2018. Now she is truly ready to share the beneficial practice of yoga with you.

Gabe Speth

Gabe Speth has been practicing, studying, and applying yoga for approximately a decade. He holds a 200 Hour teaching certification from Everyone Yoga School, is currently working towards his 300 Hour certification, and is certified in Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy.

Carrie Scearce

My name is Carrie Scearce and I’ve been a trainer at Aerofit since February of 2017. My adventure with Aerofit however, began in October of 2015.
I was strongly persuaded to come in with my friend Kelley Roberson who was working with a trainer and wanted me to meet him and see how the whole “personal trainer” thing worked. I was very intimidated and flat out terrified at the thought of training with a fitness expert, however I made my decision that day and began the process the next morning. I cried as I drove to the gym knowing I was going to have to face my “numbers”. Tipping the scales at nearly 300 lbs I knew I had my work cut out for me; but I was determined. One year later I was down 100 lbs and well on my way to my goal. Out of my experience of training I began to think about helping others who were just like me. I wanted to train and help using my own experiences, struggles, disappointments and successes.
Since I became a certified personal trainer I have had the opportunity to help many people get healthy. In October of 2018 I began my training as a certified Holy Yoga instructor and completed my training in May of 2019. I have been leading classes at Aerofit health club since that date. I am a 200+ hour certified instructor with additional certification in Touch Yoga. It is a true blessing to me to be able to enter into someone’s struggle and be a source of help, encouragement and accountability. I know God has placed me here and it is a joy to help others as a personal trainer and Holy Yoga instructor

Nancy James

I am a retired RN, I attended my first sound healing workshop 2 years ago, and experienced such a profound transformation that I wanted to share these healing vibrations with as many people as I can, as often as I can. So that is what I am doing. I also offer other types of energy healing, including foot reflexology, bio-energy therapy, Reiki and emotional freedom technique (EFT). And I am involved with the Tahlequah Farmer’s Market, selling my homemade lye soaps, and essential oil formulas.