Weekly Classes At The 108

Good Morning Yoga

Teri Cochran ~ Monday 6:00am ~ 7:10am
Awaken the body, mind, and heart with this 70-minute morning practice. A n all-level flow class designed to jump start your morning and embark on your week with radiant energy. This class incorporates seated, standing and balancing poses in a supportive environment. We will build strength and flexibility with sun salutations, as well as other basic poses.

Restorative Yoga

Gabe Speth ~ Monday 6:00 ~ 7:10 p.m. This class will guide you through gentle movements, postures, and breath-work (pranayama) to help restore and renew the body.

Gentle Yoga

Dena Coleman ~ Tuesday 6:00 ~ 7:00pm
This is a wonderful class for all levels and all ages. We will practice a variety of breathing techniques and explore many different Asanas (postures). Each student is encouraged to go at their own pace and ability. It’s all about You and Never a competition! We will nourish our mind, body and spirits together. Each class will be different but always ends in Shivasana (relaxation) and meditation. You will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and glad that you came.

Pilates Essentials

Cheryl Allen ~ Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm The perfect complement to yoga, Pilates Essentials is a mat class that focuses on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. The exercises are presented at multiple levels which allows students to choose to work at a beginning, intermediate, or advanced pace. Students learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core. Various props (e.g. foam rollers, rings, and balls) are incorporated to enhance and intensify the workout. No previous Pilates experience is necessary.”

Chill Chi

Chelsea Greenfield ~ Saturday 9:30 ~ 10:40am
Chill Chi focuses on a peaceful yoga style infused with guided meditation and breathwork. This class is designed for people of all fitness and experience levels and is a great way to begin your weekend in a renewed state of mind after a hectic week. Modifications will be demonstrated and everyone should feel comfortable with, yet challenged by this practice. Beginners welcome.

Sunday Morning All Levels Practice

Lisa Bracken ~ Sunday 9:30 ~ 10:45am
Invigorating and accessible, this class is designed to strengthen your body, stretch your mind, and open your heart. Each class is unique and includes breath work, meditative awareness, and chanting. Waking up the body, mind and spirit has never felt better.

Reiki Tahlequah Gathering

1st Thursday of every month
All Reiki Practitioners Welcome
7:30 ~ 9:00