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Mindy Hendrix is a Tahlequah Native and the owner of the 108 Yoga Studio. Natural Movement has been an integral part of her life since a young age and she has been practicing yoga since the age of 17. Mindy teaches special classes and workshops on Indigo Arts, a sacred set of practices she developed, which combines moving meditation, energy movement similar to Tai Chi, Namaskars and sequential yoga asanas. The practices help support a conscious lifestyle, connect us to the rhythms of Mother Earth and help strengthen energies within the body, resulting in the ability to be balanced, peaceful and present throughout the day and ultimately throughout our lives. A Bo Staff practice is implemented into the Indigo Arts practice. She also enjoys practicing and teaching ecstatic dance as a means to heal and connect to our true nature.

Mindy is a devoted student to her Maha teacher Shiva Rea, a yogini firekeeper, sacred activist and creator of Prana Flow Yoga which draws on the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra and Bhakti. She also reveres and continues to learn from her Tantra teacher Shibana Singh and the many other teachers who cross her path in various forms, including friends and loved ones.

Mindy has her M.ED in Special Education and her Early Childhood Degree. She’s taught in public and private schools for 15 years and has 3 children, Joe, Ben and Elli Rose, who continue to teach and inspire her. Being a mother is Mindy’s most important role. She has a deep and profound respect for all children, admires their ability to live in the present moment and live by their intuitive nature.

Mindy also enjoys spending time in nature, kayaking, running, reading, writing, dancing, art and music. She is grateful for the souls she meets on the path and in this beautiful dance we call life.

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