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Kundalini Yoga

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Sandee McClure

Sandee McClure I am a lifelong student who loves to learn. I have always had a heart for natural health and learning about tools to help mind, body and spirit.  After attending Kundalini yoga classes in 2016 my life and perspective started to change.  I never dreamed in 2018 I would attend Raviana Yoga 200-hour teacher training in Springfield, MO or that I would become a yoga teacher.  

Kundalini yoga is a great tool to help our mind, body and spirit balance especially with today’s life stresses.  I completed Raviana Yoga 300-hour teacher training in 2019 with an online refresher training in 2021/2022.  I love Kundalini yoga, all things natural living, frequency and vibration.  My teacher Ravi Singh told me I am able to make the “impossible” Possible. I believe impossible is really “I’m Possible – I Am Possible” My goal is to help others who think yoga or anything outside their physical ability is truly possible and to never give up.  Kundalini yoga gives me the tools to never give up.  

I am a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master and completed Trinity School of Natural Health’s Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) program.  I am also an IT analyst where I’ve worked most of my life in the IT/Telecommunications industry.  I know my path led me to yoga at the right and perfect time to keep working to make the impossible Possible.  Join me for Kundalini yoga and you may find some of your impossible becomes I’M Possible!

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Kundalini Yoga