Spring Arrivals

It’s been a dynamic year already at The 108 Yoga and Wellness Studio. First, Gabe Speth joined our team in January and began leading a Restorative Yoga class. He holds space on Monday evenings for a meditative class including only a handful of poses that involve props like straps, blankets, and bolsters. In February, we celebrated Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day!) by planning a partnered yoga class for friends and couples. A month later, and after many requests, we added a meditation class on Friday evenings at 6:15. We watched winter turn into spring and thought, “What’s next?”

Yin is IN!

Teri Cochran opened into the spring season with a new certification in Yin Yoga from Arkansas Yoga Collective in Little Rock, AR. She’s now well aware of the teaching methodology, yoga anatomy and physiology, technique, and philosophy of yoga as it applies to the yin style. It is a slower and passive style of yoga, targeting the connective tissues, fascia, ligaments, and tendons. Most poses (asanas) are performed seated or lying on the floor. The poses are typically held 3-5 minutes, with the muscles relaxed as opposed to engaged, allowing us to work in deeper layers of the body.

Here are three ways Tahlequinians could benefit from Yin Yoga.

#1 Yin for Stress Awareness

Tahlequah rests on the Illinois River and is home to many healthcare, education, and human resource professionals. Among us are artists, musicians, and CrossFit warriors. We are a small, college town built on the freedom of spirit. Between recreation in the summer and the traffic of students in the fall and spring, there is enough movement in the air to build stress in the mind! The different needs and wants of the individual experience requires personal attention to the body. Yin Yoga classes offer the kind of pause our bodies crave. In the 3-5 minutes that a yogi spends in a yin style asana, there is room enough to move tension out of the body. Students always expect to leave feeling rejuvenated.

#2 Yin for Exploration

Are you a creature of habit? Many of us enjoy our routines. We might shop locally each weekend or travel to Tulsa, Fayetteville, Little Rock, or even further in the summer months. Whatever your style, know that you are meant to explore! The homebody will feel a natural ease in a yin yoga class because of the slow pace and calm atmosphere. Travellers will enjoy the opportunity to unwind and accept a well-deserved change of pace. It’s important to explore all styles of yoga and find your flavor!

#3 Yin for Stability

Someone once said that people are human DOings rather than human BEings. Isn’t that true most days? The three most important components of yin yoga are softness, stillness, and steadiness. Every student brings something unique to the table. Need to free up emotional energy? Yin. Mentally fogged? Yin. Physically stiff and dull? Yin!


Chelsea Greenfield

Yoga Instructor