When events unfold in life, tied to circumstances beyond our control, initially we may experience fear, worry, anxiety, anger or instability. It’s at times like these, we have an opportunity to grow the most. Emotional Pain never allows for stagnation, but puts us in a place of choice where we can take action to rise, rather than fall. Therefore, we can honor the pain or challenges and be grateful they give us a chance to become a better version of ourselves and recognize what is most precious in life. The hindering emotions such as pain and fear can be intentionally placed into our internal fire and alchemized into ingredients for positive change. Out of the fire, emerges gratitude, a paradigm shift and Sacred Action rooted in love. Instead of being frozen in the middle of swirling chaos, with lack of clear vision, we find ourselves sitting on the mountaintop, viewing the entire situation with deeper understanding. From this perspective, we are able to set intentions, create, and take action in response to what has been handed to us.

When storms rage through life, rather than being tossed around by the wind, we have the choice to be alchemists and receive the wind in reverence. The wind becomes medicine and as our focus shifts, we recognize the value of chaos. Storms provide necessary chaos so plants and trees can take root in new fields. Life storms do the same by allowing our thoughts and intentions to take root in new places where meaningful, conscious and sustainable seeds can grow. Right now, it seems our world is turned upside down, but this storm will blow over. Many losses and transitions will take place that will be painful for individuals, families and communities. In response to these losses, awareness, truth, love and compassion will expand the depth and vastness of the collective consciousness and countless positive manifestations will and are already occurring . The medicine we receive may be to simplify, slow down, change course, be grateful and give and receive more consciously.These are only a few possibilities.

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When my children and I visited the Oklahoma City Memorial a few years back, the most touching moment I received from the creators of that living art was when they clearly conveyed that only two to three seconds of silence had occurred before the first responder came running. Standing there in the dark, overlooking the disaster site that had been replaced with beautiful stonework, peaceful waters and a serene ambiance, I envisioned the destruction occurring, the silence after the strike and vividly imagined the first individual running toward the building to help, followed by many more, while those involved that were able, were trying to flee in order to find safety. This seems to be a common theme throughout history amid all disasters, heartache and loss. There seems to always be those that run into the flames, to save the few, or even the one, because something deeper and stronger within them, similar to a spiritual compass, is guiding their hearts. Knowing that humanity, at its core, has an underlying selfless devotion to give, love, heal and sustain, should give us all, an unshakable sense of hope, inspiration and contentment that can never be taken from us. These people, known as heroes, can also be described as Love in physical form. They remind us that an underlying, unchanging sacred essence that flows through everything, the One with many names, the primordial Spirit, is here and present with us and connects all living things. We can find peace in knowing this and have reverence for those who remind us.

We may discover a newfound awareness which recognizes the value in supporting local businesses, in finding importance in knowing where our food is sourced and if it is free of chemicals and a desire to learn more about sustainable ways of living for ourselves and the planet. Knowledge may be revealed that can transfer into a deeper connection with the earth. Awareness may create transparency to the ripple effects of our actions and how they can affect other humans, plants, animals, oceans, streams, rivers and soil.

Spiritually enlightened leaders throughout history have offered us teachings on how we are all connected and our actions create a wave that touches all things. Society in the past, as a whole, has turned their backs to this truth. There is nothing like the current situation to wake us up to this reality. A common theme that continues to emerge and has been spoken by many is “We are all in this together.” This can be a scary realization when looked at from the perspective revealing a communicable illness. Such fears however, are strongly countered by the sustainable wisdom that we are, in fact, all connected. This provides a gift of comfort far outweighing any lingering fears. It’s not a new knowledge, but a remembering of something engrained deep within us. As we grow, we are shedding outer layers, revealing ancient truths such as this, that whisper to through our blood. We have forgotten, and now we are given a chance to remember. The truths we discover make up the beautiful, colorful tapestry of our soul.

What can we do?

Rather than looking at the current life changing event as something that is happening to us, it can be viewed as a catalyst for transformation toward something positive. Many have already been moving to sacred action whether it be through prayer, energetic thoughts or outreach. Regarding self health, some actions we can take to deepen our awareness and create balance include the following:

  • Practice some “earthing” in your own way. The Earth has a heartbeat, better known to some as the Schumann Resonance. The Ancients called the sound OM. This is a form of communication between the earth and sentient beings, ranging from bees, plants, animals, waters, to humans. In order to promote a synchronizing of our hearts to the earth’s “drum” beat, try going for a walk outdoors, rain or shine, barefoot in the grass. Take time to “stop and smell the flowers”, inhaling the springtime scents you may encounter, offered to us freely from mother earth. Connect with the trees, plants, animals, waters and anything you feel drawn to. Allow your heart to overflow with gratitude and realize you are never alone.
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  • Create Sacred Art around your home, such as a mandala out of nature objects. Offer it in prayer for family, protection of our community, gratitude or healing of the earth.
  • Decorate your door with flowers or nature items. Put intention behind your actions.
  • Make contact or send a heartfelt message to loved ones or someone you appreciate.
  • Engage in spontaneous movement such as Sahaja Yoga where there is no sequence or plan, just a listening to what your body is feeling and calling you to do next. An internal guidance takes over in a subtle way. Surrender to it.
  • Mindfully prepare your food in a loving, fun way, whether it be for yourself or others. Put loving thoughts into each slice, pour and taste. Be present and patient.
  • Dance to the sound of your own internal drum or your favorite song.
  • Build an alter that mirrors your heart alter. Use stones, feathers, pictures, flowers or art. Make it as detailed or simple as you prefer. Connect it to your spiritual beliefs, that which we cannot see but sustains us. It can even represent love or honor to someone or something. Surrender, devote time, create communion and listen for guidance or opportunities for servitude. Be open to what arises. Someone may come to mind who needs a phone call or maybe you’re called to your home garden, or a desire arises to build one. Maybe your own self comes to mind and you will create sacred space offering love and acceptance to yourself, remembering you are whole and enough, and find peace at where you are in life.
  • Have a tea ceremony and include positive affirmations or quotes. Think about where the tea came from, prepare it thoughtfully and enjoy in gratitude. This could include other elixirs or food.
  • Sit quietly, listening to the breath. Notice the four parts of the breath, the inhale, pause, exhale and pause.
  • Create a Vision Board or Map that reflects your priorities and goals in life. This can be an art piece or a simple drawing with pencil and paper.
  • Eat foods filled with Prana or Life Energy. Those that have been connected to the earth such as leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, berries, legumes, onions, nuts, seeds and mushrooms all contain living energy, nourishment and provide a spiritual as well as physical satiety.
  • Take part in the four healing salves and share with family. Storytelling, Silence, Song and Dance.

These are a few practices that can support and nourish us through this wave we are experiencing as well as any wave we encounter in life. When we are rooted in love and are conscious, our potential is limitless. We can facilitate change, sustainability and create a space for Sacred Energy to Flow. The Earth is realigning and we have the opportunity to realign with her. A deep breath is one place we can start. We are in this together and together we can and will create Sacred Synergy. There are good times in the present moment and many to come. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause. We are the alchemists.